Announcing My Chess Friends mega finals 2021

Welcome to a best of 3 tournament organised between 4 of our top players from the last year's MCF tournament and 4 rated sighted players. The games will be conducted on Lichess and Freechess on the dates 12th, 13th and 14th of March 2021. The player details, the game link and other information is given below.

Board 1 Uwe vs Ketan Khaire on Lichess

15:00 UTC on Friday and 12:00 UTC on Saturday and Sunday.

Uwe FIDE rating : 1823 Lichess user id : RightLilac

Ketan Khaire FIDE Rating 1940 Lichess ID : Ketanrkhaire

Board 2 Olivier vs Shivraj Pingale on Skype

15:00 UTC

Olivier FIDE Rating : 1817

Shivraj Pingale FIDE Rating : 1786

Board 3 GAURAV vs Prathamesh Sherla on Lichess

15:00 UTC

GAURAV FIDE Rating : 1540 Lichess ID : kgaurav10

Prathamesh Sherla FIDE Rating : 1430 Lichess Username : Prathamesh20211

Board 4 Viral vs Shravani Patil on Lichess

15:00 UTC

Viral FIDE rating : 1230 Lichess ID : viraltrivedi

Shravani Patil FIDE Rating: 1272 Lichess ID : SAP2004

Observing the games

Under each board name we have provided a link where the games can be observed directly. The board1, board 3 and board 4 will be played on Lichess and to observe on lichess, simply visit the link during the game time. The board 2 will be played on Skype.

We are also broadcasting the game moves via Skype. Anyone wanting to listen to these games can join the skype link below