Chess Friends

We are an online community of chess friends. We conduct friendly online tournaments played via skype and similar online platforms. Our objective is to promote chess and make playing chess a friendly and a community driven activity.

International Chess Friends Cafe

You are cordially invited to drop in at the Chess Friends Cafe every Sunday at 16h00 universal time(UTC). It will be at least for one and half hour. It will be in English.

Grab the beverage of your choice and come tell us all about yourself, your challenges and aspirations as a visually impaired chess player. For the ideal environment to socialize and enjoy a drink with fellow group members, make new chess friends and renew old chess friendships. Discuss chess matters or just talk about yourself, the Chess Friends Cafe is there for you. Our aim is to share knowledge, promote friendship and understanding for all our diverse members.

We are looking forward to hear your voice the very next Sunday and every one thereafter.

Follow the link below to join the Chess Friends Cafe Skype room: please do not share this link with non Chess Players, further keep this link, it will be used every Sunday !! !!

Chess Friends Cafe

Here are some recordings which you will find under the following link: International-Chess-Friends-Cafe-Events

Chess Friends team

The Chess Friend site and the mailing list is managed by a five member team. Below we have listed the team members and their contact address.

Mahendra Galani


Pankaj Bendre


Johannes Grib

South africa

Viral Trivedi


Nirandas Thavorath, Technical Support