This write up is about Kathleen Evelin Mertz She has been an avid chess player and loved the game so much. My name is Farhan Ahmed and I was affiliated with Ms. Kathy Mertz for about a couple of years. I have assisted her in computer issues. My affiliation with Kathy goes back to as far as 6 years when I was introduced to her through a common friend. Because Kathy loved playing chess, so do I at that time. Our common friend also introduced me to her because she could help me improve my English language and communication. During the time I stayed connected with her, I learned that her enthusiasm about the chess was endless. She and I started playing casual games before I started helping her with computer problems. One day, when she and I were playing a chess game, she was talking about the USBCA, the chess community in the United States and how there were issues with the list. She had wanted to setup one of her own list, similar to USBCA, but to offer the players comfortability, flexibility and convenience of scheduling and then playing games. She didn’t know how to begin so I assisted her to get started. She founded Skype-chess and her list attracted many players who were looking an alternative platform where they were not tied by ludicrous rules. She became the director of her list and made sure to attend and moderate any game being played through her list. She would sacrifice anything over chess! The only rule of her list was to be fare in the game, and that she thought, directly concerns the game and to those who loved chess. With the time her list grew and she found people to share the responsibility of moderating games. But She never let anyone feel burdened with this responsibility. such was her passion. Kathleen had health issues for which she was hospitalized many a times but it didn’t lower her passion. I had wonderful memories with Kathy. She was a great friend, a teacher and a mentor. So I was hers in computer and this was the deal. Unfortunately, as the nature would have it, she breathed her last sometimes in the last week of February 2016. I cannot confirm the date because she was suddenly gone missing and I was able to find her whereabouts later through 911. Kathleen was a very steadfast, honest and dedicated woman. She was very helping with everything in her power. I cannot describe the pain I felt when I heard about her death. Her presence benefitted me and many others who were affiliated with her a lot. No one could fill the gap her death has left. Her mission of improving chess and spreading it to many others through virtual means was carried over by her fans. They wanted to continue to keep her legacy alive. I believe this is the only way to pay her back for her steadfastness, dedication and commitment. May God bless her!