1. Who can join? Anyone can join this tournament. Important, it is English speaking tournament. If you speak some other language, you can only join, if you can have translator at the time of your game. Tournament Director (TD) can reject or remove any person, if you don't fulfill this criteria.

  2. When can one join? Any new player can apply during the month, however they will be added at first of the next month. Will be implemented from next month.

  3. How can you climb the ladder? All new players will start at the bottom of the ladder. You can challenge one of the three players above you. Your request will be valid, if that player is not active.

  4. Who is active player? The player is considered active, if she or he is already challenged by one of the player, till game is played and result is published, that active player cannot be challenged. Please all schedule games, also on Free chess or Lichess, should be sent to the group, this way everyone come to know, who is active player.

  5. What will be the time control for this tournament? The time control can be discussed and agreed by the players. Minimum 30 minutes, maximum 90 minutes each.

  6. How ladder will work? If challenging player wins, or results in draw, you take the position of the player challenged. For example, you are at number 15 on the ladder, and you challenge player, who is at number 12 and if you win or game result in draw, you take number 12. The losing or drawn player, from 12 will climb one position down, so number 13 on the ladder,.

  7. Where can one play? Ideally on Skype, however if both players are comfortable to play, one can play on freechess or lichess.

  8. How much time you have for each game? Once you receive request from someone, you must reply in 72 hours, and game should be played in two weeks from receiving the request. Not replying in 72 hours, is as good as declining the challenged, which will result you going down on the ladder.

  9. With which color to play? The challenging player always plays white.

  10. Can one earn bonus points? If you keep time for any game, you get 1 bonus point for each game, with each earned points, you can approach any player on the ladder, even number one. Your bonus points are valid for one calendar year.

  11. Can one go down the ladder? Or go on vacation? You can request to go at the bottom of the ladder, further if you are going on vacation for few days up to one month.

  12. Please avoid group for challenge, get in touch with player directly, on there mail ID given. Further only send mail to me, if you haven't heard from the player after 72 hours. This will help me with less traffic. Enjoy!

Please use e-mail ID of the players, provided in extra mail, to schedule your games, so to avoid traffic on the list. This will be updated, as an when new players join the ladder. Once scheduled, request for TK to our group. Of course, if you like, you can play on Free Chess or Lichess.

Please write name of the tournament in the game report, special request to TK!